Echo Communications Inc. became a registered business on December 20, 2000 and was founded with the conviction that there is a better way to provide reputation and communications advice and deliver value to clients than the prevailing PR agency model.

Our services are designed to always put clients first and provide a dedicated senior practitioner with an unwavering commitment to get exposure through honest reporting.

Having successfully generated thousands of articles and broadcast interviews, we have proven that it’s possible to communicate both accurately and persuasively, without compromising the values of a company, but rather embracing them.

Vision Statement

All clients, no matter what size or budget should be treated equally and should pay for performance, not just billable time. We treat your business as if it were our own. Honest communication is the only principled way of conducting business effectively and mitigating future risks.

Mission Statement

To deliver outstanding results, provide true value, and exceed client expectations as a trusted business advisor devoted to protecting and enhancing their most valuable intangible asset – their reputation.

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