Echo promise

“Integrity” Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.Our partnership promise is to deliver superior client service and cost-effective results with a quantifiable return on investment.

Echo Communications provides the expertise without the expense of a salaried staff or big agency fees. All of our work is tied to your objectives and measured against them.

The third party endorsement of editorial coverage by major media outlets provides the credibility and visibility to elevate your company to the next level.

In order to reach a captive audience we know that our clients must be different, proactive, consistent and persistent to stand out from the crowd and get noticed in a noisy and competitive media landscape.

1) Be different and be proactive

“Making waves”

It’s all about differentiation, making a splash and staying ahead of the competition. Whether your next opportunity lies in an emerging market, a fresh outlook on an existing market or an innovative use of technology, we can help to position your company to be industry leaders and innovators.

We build organizational profile and prepare you to speak to the issues and shape the future, rather than simply taking a tentative, follow the leader, market strategy.

We believe that reputation is a crucial business asset, just like your financial and human capital. It takes years to build credibility and only a moment to tarnish.

Authenticity and credibility with customers, employees, investors, suppliers and media is based on a company’s behavior aligning with your communications and what these stakeholders are saying about you. There is no credibility as powerful as third-party credibility.

2) Be consistent

After building the communications strategy and targeted audience-specific messages, ensure that you are delivering them consistently to drive home the value proposition that your company’s product or service provides. Most importantly ensure that you have built the brand from the inside out and that your employees embrace, embody and are driving this change. Your people are your greatest ambassadors.

3) Be persistent

In order to break through, reach, persuade and influence your stakeholders, you need to commit to a plan, measurable outcomes and a timeline to continue to reinforce your messages and determine if they have been effective or not. Attitudes and behavioral change does not happen overnight, it takes time to open minds and drive new ideas home.

4) Know your audience

Whether you’re trying to reach employees, customers, investors, activist groups or government officials, it pays to know your target audience, and know them well.

Firstly, take the time to understand what their point of view is, listen carefully to know where they’re coming from. Only then, can you credibly begin a dialogue and persuasively communicate your perspective and your rationale.

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