Our values

Guided by a principled-approach, Echo Communications has earned the respect of reporters, editors, broadcast producers and company executives across North America by responding quickly, accurately and persuasively to the needs of the media.

Really what it comes down to is; "doing what you say and saying what you do." In today’s frenetic business world reporters are put under tremendous time and resource pressures and must still deliver interesting and thought-provoking stories under strict deadlines.

Echo Communications takes a more progressive and long-term approach to media relations that transcends conventional wisdom that suggests corporate communicators and journalists have an adversarial relationship. We believe that the best communications practitioners are honest brokers of information between the organization and the rest of the world.

Experience has proven that working with media is in fact a symbiotic relationship. By understanding the media’s relentless need for content, we can effectively prepare a company to provide quotable leaders, industry research and business insights to issues or trends impacting the public.

The media need to know they can count on timely, accurate information. If they have the facts and the context to shape their story, this benefits everyone, by adding a balance of perspectives.

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