Reputation management

reputation managementFar too often, organizations do not realize how essential their reputation is to their success and survival, until its too late. If the global recession has reminded business leaders of anything, it’s the realization of how valuable and vulnerable their reputations really are. Earning the trust of customers, loyalty of employees, and confidence of investors are key business drivers, revenue generators and offer a a distinct competitive advantage. Whether your organization is already a global brand, or a start-up trying to establish market credibility and financial stability, reputation should be at the forefront of your strategic plan.

Echo Communications has conducted international research with CEOs and business leaders on reputation management and can share unique insights on how your organization can profit from the power of reputation.

We provide the expertise on how to:

  • Proactively identify dangerous reputation gaps that exist in your organization and how they can be bridged
  • Break down communications silos to build your brand and engagement from the inside out
  • Leverage social media to transform activists and skeptics into your reputation ambassadors
  • Engage CEOs and build a cross-functional reputation management team to protect your most valuable asset
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